Flore & Venezia Architects

Our task is to know, tell and pass on to create that bond of love between man and his space.

Flore & Venezia

Every Trullo, Farm, Church, garden or palace has a story that speaks of men, peoples and traditions. The project aims to tell them, to bring out the traces hidden by time, and to give to these stories a new identity.


The aim of the study is to add to the correct application of methodologies, the emotional element so that the restoration of a Masseria can give new life to functions, colors, nature, and memories, the recovery of a trulli complex reintroduces the theme of healthy living, and contact with the earth without giving up the charm of history conveyed by every single stone.


We are an important reference for anyone who would like to consider the purchase of a trullo, a masseria, create unique accommodation facilities, begin the renovation of a house in the historic center, proceed to the restyling of a garden. The staff of the office, which includes architects, engineers and surveyors, is up to the task of solving problems of any kind.